Frequently Asked Question
Overview How do I sign up for the Popup/Popunder Program?
To create a Popup/Popunder account on, you need to sign up for our popup Program by clicking here

Will creating a popup account make me eligible for a CPM account here?
No, you have to create a separate account for showing CPM banners on your website, to create a CPM account click here

Are the revenue for CPM account and Popup account calculated together?
No, both the accounts are different and the revenues will not be calculated together. Each of the account has a minimum pay out of $10

When will the ads start appearing on my site?
Whenever your website gets approved by us, ads will be automatically displayed on that website after you enter our HTML code

How do I start running the ads?
You need to paste our HTML code into your webpages at the desired location where you want to display the ads

Can I use the ads on more than one site?
Yes, you can use it but all the sites needs to be approve by us. Without approval you won’t get paid for displaying the ads

Can I place more than one ad in a single page?
Yes you can place more than one ads on a single page, but try not to place too many ads on a single page which might drive away your traffic from your site

Can I alter the Edomz HTML code?
No you can’t alter the HTML code which we provide. If any changes are made in height and width of the code would be considered as cheating and your account would be terminated without any payment

Approval Requirements to be approved?
Website must have fresh and quality content and while joining our publisher program all the information must be correctly submitted

Will my other sites other than the approved sites work?
No, site must be approved by us in order to get credited for showing ads. Non approved or pending websites will not receive any credit for showing ads until and unless it’s approved by us

Payments How the Payments are made?
Payments are made via PayPal

When will I get paid?
For CPM account publishers are paid on NET 45 basis and for Popup account publishers are paid on NET 15 basis however the minimum payout is $10 for both the accounts

What is your contextual Advertising?
Edomz is a contextual Ad network. We display your ads only on those website’s whose content are relevant to your Ad’s content so that you can get maximum exposure for your brand. Our advanced technology can quite literally read a web visitor’s mind and will display your ads only to those audiences who actually can connect with your ad

What is the difference between Popup and CPM advertisement?
Popup Advertisement
Display your website as a full Popup, ensuring that you get the maximum exposure. When someone browses our Publisher’s Website, they can always see you site with Popup advertising because the ads opens up in a new window before the visitors closes the main window.

CPM Advertisement

Cost per Mile is often abbreviated as CPM Advertisement, where advertisers need to pay on the basis of showing their Banner/Advertisement to 1000 targeted visitors on our premium network of Publishers

How can I signup for the Popup Ad Campaign?
To sign up for our Popup Ad Program click here

How do I signup for the CPM Ad Campaign?
To sign up for our CPM Ad Program click here


Where will my Ads appear?
Your ads will be displayed on our network of publishers. Once you have opened an account at you can choose the categories where you want to display your ads. Not only this our advanced algorithm scans publisher websites and displays your ad only on those websites which contains contents targeted for your audience.

When do my ads start running?
Once you have set up your advertiser account, created your ad campaign and set the price you want to pay for each specific campaign. Within some few minutes your Ad campaign will be approved by us and you’ll start receiving new visitors for your campaign


What kind of reports will I get for my campaigns?
You can track your conversions on real time and watch how each of your campaign’s are faring after logging into our Advertiser’s dashboard. Get in depth reports on Impressions, Clicks, Click through Rates and total amount you have spent.

How protects Advertisers from click fraud?
At you can ensure the best quality publishers. All the websites are human reviewed by us so that our advertisers can get the best possible publishers to promote their ads. We have our own fraud Protection system which eliminates all Proxies and Bots


How much does it costs?
We work on bidding system, whichever advertiser bid highest for specific country gets priority just followed by the second highest bidder. Advertisers can start their campaign with a minimal amount of $1.00/cpm but to get more traffic from a specific country you have to adjust your bid accordingly because the higher you bid for a particular country, the more priority your campaign gets

Is there any fee to setup my campaign?
We don’t charge any fee to setup your campaign

What is the minimum amount required to start advertising?
Minimum amount required to start advertising is $50

Is there any refund policy?
Once we setup your campaign and fund your account, edomz will not refund your balance
What are your affiliate programs?
You can refer Publishers or Advertisers to us and get 10% commission. You can be our CPM affiliate or Popup/Popunder Affiliate (or both)

What is your CPM affiliate program?
You can refer users to open a CPM account on, whenever you refer a publisher to join our CPM program you earn 10% of whatever they earn and if you a direct an advertiser to join our CPM program, you get 10% of whatever they deposit.

What is your Popup affiliate Program?
Invite Publishers or Advertisers to join our Popup Program and earn 10% commission. Just like our CPM affiliate program if you direct a Publisher to join our Popup program you receive 10% of their earnings and similarly if yourreferred Advertiser spends a certain amount of money to advertise their product, you receive 10% of the spent amount

Do I have a separate referral link for inviting Advertisers and Publishers?
No, suppose if you are promoting our CPM affiliate program you can refer both Publishers and Advertisers to that particular program using a single referral link and the case is same also for our Popup Affiliate Program

Are the earnings of the CPM and Popup Affiliate Program calculated together?
No, our CPM and Popup Affiliate Program are two separate programs and the commission earned from them will not be calculated together

What is the minimum Payout?
The minimum Payout is $10

What are the payment methods?
Currently we pay all our affiliates via PayPal

When do we receive our Payment?
For CPM account affiliates are paid on NET 45 basis and for Popup account affiliates are paid on NET 15 basis however the minimum payout is $10 for both the accounts
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